Deanna Arnold is the president of Employers Advantage, a company that provides human resource support and services to small businesses. These services include employee relations support and coaching, management coaching, creating employee handbooks, employment law compliance, file maintenance and performance management. Arnold shares her expertise in this area.


deanna arnold HR President Shares Tips To Help Find Employees Who Make A Perfect Fit For Your Small Business

Deanna Arnold
(Photo courtesy of Deanna Arnold)


What should a small company look for in hiring new employees?

Hiring for a small company is a big deal because one person can completely change the dynamic of a small company, both in a good way and a bad way. Therefore, it is very important for small companies to put a little more time and effort into the hiring and recruiting process so that they save themselves the time and money associated with having a bad employee and the turnover that comes with that.

Outside of someone’s ability to complete the tasks associated with the job, small companies should look for the soft skills that are fit for the role that you are filling. For example, if you were hiring for a sales role, you would probably look for someone with a solid sales background as well as strong communication skills, an outgoing personality and the ability to adapt to the situation at hand. If you are hiring an accounting person, you will not look for those same skills as a sales role. You will probably look more for attention to detail, problem-solving skills and ability to interpret data.

It is also important to look for candidates that are a fit for a small business, the stage that the company is in and the overall culture of the company. Not all employees are a fit for a small business, and likewise, most people that thrive in small businesses are not a good fit in a large corporate environment, and that is OK. Some people are great for the growth stage of the company, but may not fit well when it plateaus. There is nothing wrong with any of those scenarios, but you have to be able to discover this during the hiring process.

Don’t wait until you need to hire someone to start looking for someone. Always be on the lookout for people that would be a good fit for your company, so that when it comes time to fill an open position, you are not scrambling and making a decision out of desperation or because of timing.


This article was written by Robin D. Everson for Small Business Pulse


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