In many ways, small business owners are at a disadvantage when it comes to hiring. As the operator of a relatively small organization, you probably won’t have the capital to offer salary and benefits that are comparable to those offered by a large corporation. In order to make your company more appealing to potential employees, specifically potential employees within the millennial generation, you should consider shaping your business in ways that mirror millennial values while also indemnifying your company against civil penalties.


The importance of a smart social media policy

Recent market research indicates that millennials have a more favorable opinion of businesses that they can interact with through social media. It’s also a good bet that the largest part of America’s workforce will have similar opinions regarding their potential employers. You should craft a social media policy for your company that reflects a commitment to openness and engagement while also making it clear that making statements that would cast the company in a bad light or reveal any sensitive information is strictly prohibited. This will help keep your company from ending up in a protracted legal quagmire while also establishing a likable social media presence.


Make equality a core value

As this Atlantic article makes clear, another important value millennials tend to share is a commitment to social issues. You should make it clear to your potential hires that your company is an equal opportunity employer. With social media posts and blog entries, you can subtly communicate that your business is fully committed to the hiring regulations outlined by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.


Keep it green and clean

Finally, in both purchasing and employment choices, millennials take into consideration a business’s commitment to environmentalism. Companies like Google and Coca-Cola are considered highly desirable employers by millennials because of their commitment to sustainable business practices. By taking steps to green your business, such as going paperless and using office products made with recycled material, your company will stand out in comparison to larger and less socially aware corporations. As this Find Law post points out, a workplace free of allergens and fragrant chemicals that may aggravate your potential employees’ environmental allergies is another factor that has the potential to give you an edge on the competition.

This article was written by Mario McKellop for Small Business Pulse


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