When the management team at Herregan Distributors, Inc., a large Midwest distributor of flooring products, decided to utilize iPads in its office, it meant a lot of extra work for the head of marketing, Aaron Hormann. Known for his expertise with Apple products, Hormann was tasked with setting up and troubleshooting the devices, but the extra responsibility added extra hours of work. To solve this problem and re-focus on his actual job of marketing, Hormann worked with management to devise a successful device management strategy.


aaron hormann2 Upgrading Your Companys System & Successfully Managing Technology When Youre Not IT

Aaron Hormann
(Photo courtesy of Aaron Hormann)


At the beginning of the rollout of company iPad devices, Hormann was a clear fit to assist with technology management. “Although I use Apple devices, I’m not a true IT person when it comes to deploying them at a company, even though my company internally viewed me as the ‘Apple Guy’. So for me, it was an easy choice to try and find an Apple MDM solution that would take on the IT-related tasks I wanted off my plate, since I was spending 20 – 30 minutes setting up and configuring each of our iPads.” With more than 60 devices to manage, this task ended up taking Hormann’s focus off of marketing. Rather than continue spending time on a responsibility that was not job-related, he found a management solution.

To move the management of iPads off of his plate, Hormann and the Herregan Distributors management team utilized Bushel, a mobile device management solution. He states, “When we implemented Bushel, an MDM solution for Apple devices, we thought we needed to heavily rely on the team over there to help us get started. However, when I logged into my account, it was so straightforward that I was able to get it up and running without assistance. There were a few times when we went back and forth to tweak things, but overall it was a painless process. Implementing an Apple mobile device management strategy and solution allowed me to eliminate a lot of troubleshooting and IT functionality that I was doing. The result was that I could focus more on my core job role. I no longer needed to setup each iPad individually, and it has been a seamless transition.”

If your company has a person who is being taken away from their everyday job to manage technology, implementing a Mobile Device Management strategy can increase time management, while maintaining the functionality of mobile devices.


This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger for Small Business Pulse


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