When devising a sales strategy for your business, it helps to find creative ways to get your brand in front of a wide audience. In order to achieve this objective, Kunzler & Company, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania-based producer of quality meat products, decided to launch a co-branding strategy with Martin’s Potato Rolls. The effort allowed the two companies to cast a wider net, and cross sell, resulting in a larger sales effort for both companies. Tim Vance, Director of Marketing for Kunzler & Company, explains the strategy.

The company had successfully utilized the strategy before, and Vance attributes this to careful selection of partners. “Kunzler had approached and implemented co-branding programs with several other local companies in Central PA. We were looking for a partner for the frank category, and we just love the Martin’s Potato Roll product. Because of their quality and distribution within the Central PA market along with our brand strength, it was just a natural fit.” By selecting a partner whose quality was on par with its own, the company was able to utilize the existing reach of Martin’s Potato Rolls without diluting its own brand equity. Its salespeople could also use potential clients’ familiarity with its co-brand to build familiarity with Kunzler’s products.

Before sending its salesforce into the field, Kunzler and Martin’s Potato Rolls had to develop a cohesive strategy. Vance states, “Our team, with its strong relationships at retail, approached all accounts with the opportunity. The challenge was getting the retail account to merchandise together because of different category managers, meat and bakery. We included a Martin’s representative on the call, and it was pretty much an easy sell.” By including representatives from both companies in sales efforts, each company was able to ensure that it would be accurately represented in the process, and customers could see the benefit from buying from each of them.

If your salesforce is stretched, it might make sense to develop a co-branding strategy with another company. It can help you widen your reach and open doors to new potential clients who are already familiar with your partner. Partnering with a company with a good reputation and with whom you can devise a mutually beneficial sales strategy could open your brand to a new market.

This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger for Small Business Pulse


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