Traditionally, places like New York City and San Francisco are thought of as the parts of the country that attract the most tourists. Those particular destinations experience snowfall and plunging temperatures. At that point, snowbirds, people who live in the northern area of the country and like to vacation or temporarily relocate in warmer locales in winter, will look to the Suncoast and Southwest for places to vacation. If you’re a small business owner operating in an area that has a temperate climate during the winter, you may be able to increase your earnings by appealing to snowbirds.


Stress authenticity

In addition to a pleasant climate, one of the main reasons snowbirds choose to vacation in small towns is because they want an authentic small-town experience. You can communicate your business’s authenticity to potential snowbird customers by having your decor reflect the region’s culture. For example, a Suncoast bookseller might be able to attract a lot of snowbirds with a retail location that is decorated in a way that evokes the Florida modern aesthetic.


Offer seasonal specials

Another way to appeal to visiting snowbirds is to offer seasonal specials. It would be gauche to advertise directly to winter visitors, and it might alienate your residential customer base, so a subtle approach is best. If you operate a cafe, highlight the fact that your establishment offers a variety of different flavored iced coffees, a preferred beverage of northerners from across the country. Funding Gates explains your winter offerings don’t necessarily need to be discounted. As snowbirds are generally older and moneyed, they’ll be willing to pay a premium for things they love.


Stage lots of activities

Snowbirds love to partake in fun activities while vacationing, so make sure you stage a number of events during the winter. If you own a bakery, hold cooking classes. If you’re restaurateur, stage a wine tasting. You can also set up a day full of activities by working with other local small business owners. You can set up a mini tour of the area wherein snowbirds can learn about local history and culture, and spend a good amount of money at each stop.

This article was written by Mario McKellop for Small Business Pulse


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