Venjuris Innovative Counsel is a small group of legal entrepreneurs that have a keen understanding of their clients’ needs within the intellectual property firm of Campillo Logan Meaney PC. Michael F. Campillo is a registered patent attorney and a partner in the firm.


venjuris2 Heres Why Your Small Businesss Lawyer Needs To Be An Expert In Intellectual Property Law

Venjuris Innovative Counsel
(Photo courtesy of Venjuris Innovative Counsel)


“At Venjuris, we are different from most other firms because we did not inherit a well-known firm name, peel-off from a larger practice or start a practice from one large client. We have built this firm from the dirt up. Our client base, much like our firm, has grown organically, in part, because we understand the challenges of starting and growing a business. So, while our technical backgrounds and legal expertise are broad, our 15 years of founding and running our own firm/business helps us formulate pragmatic business-centric solutions to our client’s problems to help them reach their goals,” said Campillo.

“In addition to the practical experience of growing our own firm, our technical breadth is wider than what is typically found in large law firms. Our team has the technical backgrounds to cover almost all technologies, including electrical, chemical, computer, software, social media, internet technologies, structural or mechanical technologies, nutritional supplements, biotechnology and so on. Such breadth is rare at a boutique law firm because most boutique IP firms tend to be dedicated to certain clients and certain technologies,” said Campillo.

“For small starting businesses, find an experienced mentor that can answer your questions or introduce you to others in their trusted network that can answer your questions,” said Campillo.

Michael F. Campillo offers tips for those considering hiring an intellectual property firm.

  • Include legal expenses in your budget and ask your legal services providers for fixed fees, or at least accurate estimates for projects so that you stay within your budget.
  • Prioritize your legal needs and work with your lawyer so that you stay within budget.
  • Don’t sit and wait for a problem to metastasize; share the problem with your lawyer as early as possible. Often, less expensive legal avenues may be foreclosed by a delay.
  • Demand, and expect to pay, for quality legal help. If innovative technology is your bread and butter, be sure that the lawyer that is actually doing your work understands your technology.
  • Litigation is very, very expensive, and a decision to do so should be based on objectively financial or business principles.


This article was written by Robin D. Everson for Small Business Pulse


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