To create awareness of your brand in the current marketplace, you need to be creative. The rise of the internet has effectively leveled the advertising playing field, but that’s something of a double-edged sword. While ads for your company can appear on the same platform as a multinational corporation, if your campaign doesn’t stand out, it’ll get lost in the digital shuffle. Here are a few strategies you can use to craft a marketing campaign that will really connect with consumers.

Get inappropriate

In the past, marketers who wished to create awareness of a product or service with a bit of risqué humor had to proceed with great caution. A bawdy sensibility is fine, but if the ad crossed the line into vulgarity, it ran the risk of alienating consumers. That rule is still in effect for ads that air on broadcast television or are placed in widely distributed publications, however,  the reins are a little looser when it comes to online advertising. As this Entrepreneur article points out, both the Dollar Shave Club and Poo-pourri attracted a lot of attention by making commercials that probably never would’ve made it on TV.

Put your values front and center

Researchers have found that compared to other generations, millennial consumers have a strong interest in interacting with brands that are committed to various social issues. For example, millennials have strong brand loyalty to Nike, Target and the Gap. That loyalty in part stems from the fact that those brands have publicized their commitment to addressing the nation’s obesity epidemic, supporting underprivileged communities and sustainable business practices. To form a meaningful connection with what will soon be America’s largest consumer demographic, you need to make a point of highlighting your company’s social values.

Be personable

There was a point in time when businesses prided themselves on having monolithic brand identities. But as Steve Jobs figured out in 1984, the era of corporations being as inscrutable as possible would not be a workable marketing strategy in the 21st century. If you want to establish yourself in the marketplace today, your company needs to have an approachable social media presence, an affable public face and some level of operational transparency. Without a clearly defined brand persona, your company will fade into the ether with remarkable speed.

This article was written by Mario McKellop for Small Business Pulse


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