Many small businesses utilize presentations for a variety of reasons, but looking at the same old materials can become tedious. Navigating new communication channels can also be overwhelming and ineffective if used incorrectly. Deckhand is a San Francisco based company that specializes in designing innovative and effective presentations for business owners of all types.

With a comprehensive knowledge of various presentation technology resources, coupled with a strong background in design, Deckhand helps companies create dynamic and useful presentations to clearly communicate with clients, employees and prospective customers. Creative Director Stephen de Zordo shares tips on how the company uses technology to help its clients develop and execute their presentations.

De Zordo describes how clients can do themselves a disservice by designing presentations with old technology. “As a creative service provider, Deckhand brings company vision to life with thoughtful-creative, clear communication design and inspired messaging. Strong leaders understand the impact great design and well-crafted communication collateral can have on their organization.

People’s expectations and communication media have rapidly evolved over the past decade, creating demand for a far more visceral experience when communicating ideas internally or externally. It’s ineffective to build presentations that rely on bullet points to communicate, and white papers have become passé for many businesses as a communication tool.” Utilizing newer tools effectively allows customers to reach customers in a visually appealing way while clearly communicating their message.

Deckhand also helps business owners to be more confident in their presentation skills. By working with people who are experts in technology, business owners can focus more on the message and less on the intricacies of the presentation. De Zordo states, “One of the biggest problems we see in business communication is that people with little to no graphic design or presentation experience are asked to be the job equivalent of a film writer, director, cinematographer and lead actor, when designing a presentation.

Ultimately, this impacts a presenter’s confidence and can completely disengage an audience they worked so hard to meet.” He also mentions how Deckhand’s clients use the company’s strengths to enhance their own. “Good presentation can increase communication efficiencies, and drive successful teams. A consistent and deliberate strategy can save a tremendous amount of time and angst, allowing people to focus on what they want or need to say rather than trying to play the roll of a graphic designer. Smart leaders consider presentation design as an enablement and strategic tool, rather than just another PowerPoint deck.”

By offering a tool by which business owners can explore and effectively utilize presentations technologies, Deckhand improves its clients’ communication strategy. Deckhand’s designers know what works and what doesn’t with newer presentation tools and can save your company from tanking a presentation by misusing the technology.


This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger for Small Business Pulse



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