Zach Hoffman is the founder and CEO of Exults Internet Marketing. In his position, Hoffman oversees and manages the day-to-day operations of the growing internet marketing agency. Since the inception of his company, he has helped hundreds of businesses grow through internet marketing and new technology efforts like website design and redesign for mobile devices, search engine optimization, social media management, paid search management, mobile internet business compatibility, display ad serving and re-targeting, as well as custom marketing business solutions for organizations. The full-service internet marketing agency develops and enhances websites, markets companies on search engines and promotes social media campaigns.


zach hoffman2 Marketing CEO Explains How Business Marketing & Technology Need To Collide For Exceptional Customer Reach

Zach Hoffman
(Photo courtesy of Zach Hoffman)



How can rebuilding a responsive website that is seen properly on all screen resolutions and sizes help a business?

The digital market has seen a shift of consumers to a mobile first market, which means a majority of consumer traffic is visiting a website via a mobile device or tablet. If a website is built in a responsive format, it will work effectively on all screen sizes for a great user experience.


What advice would you give to a small business in regards to internet marketing?

Focus initially on an effectively built website that best represents your brand image. Too many companies spend money marketing on the internet and bring consumers to a website that poorly represents their business. Once a website is effective, the brand will sell itself. Afterward, the next step is to claim and manage your business profiles on Google Maps and Facebook.


How does a company convert website visitors to customers?

A company converts website visitors to customers by making it easy to interact with their business online. Important components include making it easy for customers to find your call to actions, a phone number or form to reach you, not cluttering information, and making it visually appealing.


Tell us the benefit of having a functional content management system and its purpose.

A widely adopted content management is recommended in case assistance is needing with managing the system. For a non-e-commerce website, we would recommend WordPress, but Joomla is also widely accepted and able to be managed by many partners. For an e-commerce website, we would recommend for a business just entering the realm and limited technical savvy BigCommerce, Shopify, or Volusion, and for a more sophisticated website or property with an intensive data, Magento.


Please explain how a company can use highlighting of various call to action buttons.

A call to action is the most important component of a website and should be easily accessible. This would be keeping it present in a visible area, above the fold, which is the area on a website before a consumer would scroll down. The call to action may lead a consumer to make a direct phone call to a business if they are visiting the website from a phone. As well, if a consumer wants a lighter approach to interact with the company, a form with a direct purpose should be visible and easy to fill out with as few questions as possible for the business to have an effective reach back to the prospect.

This article was written by Robin D. Everson for Small Business Pulse


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