There are a handful of political issues that rank among the most important topics for business owners and, more specifically, human resources professionals. Overtime, paid leave, health benefits and more all place very high on the list of issues that business professionals are watching. For these reasons and many more, it’s so crucial to know where your candidates fall when it comes to the issues that matter most to you.

A movement to change overtime pay, for example, is one of the biggest issues facing voters today as the primaries quickly approach. President Obama made some proposed changes to the overtime policy, which would increase eligibility for those that qualify to get overtime pay.

  • Under the current regulations, overtime pay is eligible for any employee making up to $455 a week or $23,660 a year.
  • The new policy would increase that to $970 a week and $50,440 per year, which would give an increase in pay to more than five million workers.
  • The change in policy is one that most Democratic candidates favor and Republicans oppose, according to the Society For Human Resource Management.


When looking at other important topics, there are two other issues that also top the headlines. According to a blog post by the Wall Street Journal, the Cadillac Tax is a 40 percent nondeductible tax on employer-sponsored health plans providing more than $10,200 for individuals or $27,500 for families.

  • Where as most Democratic candidates favor the overtime changes, the Cadillac Tax is a much more divisive issue.
  • According to the SHRM, both Clinton and Sanders oppose the Cadillac Tax, as do most Republican candidates.
  • Trump and Carson’s views on the tax are unknown at this time.


Paid family leave is the third hot button issue facing most HR professionals today. President Obama recently called for more legislation regarding paid family leave and paid maternity leave for all workers.

  • The SHRM points out that across the board, Democratic candidates support this new policy, as does Republican Marco Rubio.
  • Most other Republicans oppose the changes.


Whether you’re in the business sector or you just want to be more knowledgeable when it comes to the important issues facing the political candidates this year, it’s crucial to know where your candidate stands so you can make an informed voting decision. Keep informed, and make sure to show up at the polls for the upcoming election.

This article was written by Deborah Flomberg for Small Business Pulse


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