With the plethora of social media platforms available, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, but always remember to select the social media platform that is right for you. If you’re seeking a well-educated, largely female market, then you’ll want to put Pinterest on your list of social media platforms to use, as it’s one of the fastest growing and most beneficial tools for small businesses today.

Pinterest users are engaged
In addition to Pinterest users being mostly female, they’re also some of the most engaged and local users of social media online today. It’s more than just browsing the site and pinning images they like. In fact, Pinterest users rely heavily on the platform to help them make purchasing decisions. According to a recent study by Millward Brown, up to 87 percent of Pinterest users have purchased something because of Pinterest. Plus 93 percent of Pinterest users have used the platform to plan for additional future purchases. That is a lot of potential sales leads for any new business, so if you’re not using Pinterest, you may be seriously missing out.

It’s the least work
Unlike some other social media platforms, businesses can devote significantly less time to Pinterest to make it work for you. Sure, an active presence on the site is going to be far more beneficial, however just having pin-able images and “pin it” buttons on your website for your products can deliver some noticeable results for any small business. Pinterest is different from other platforms in that it’s mostly dominated by users sharing what they like, not by brands pushing what they’re selling. This is why having your products easily “pin-able” will do a lot for you, without much effort on your side.

Use keywords
As you’re planning out your Pinterest board, you’ll want to use popular and relevant keywords. This will help improve your search rankings both in Google and on the Pinterest on-site search system. If you aren’t sure what keywords are good to use, try researching with Google Trends and you’ll get a good idea of what search terms people are using to find products like yours. Take the time to optimize your Pinterest boards, and they’ll continue to work for you long after you’ve turned the computer off for the night.

Go viral
Unlike other sites, Pinterest posts have the largest opportunity to go viral. According to Pinterest, the average number of repins for every pin is 4.2, meaning that every time someone pins one of your products or services, it could reach an additional four people. You can increase this number with great keywords, adding rich media to your pins and by asking for repins with a simple call to action. Before you know it, your product could be seen by several thousand people, and all you did was pin it once.

This article was written by Deborah Flomberg for Small Business Pulse


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