Vincent Yancoskie is a small business visibility expert and IT consultant for Web Vision Partners. As a small business visibility expert, Yancoskie works with small business owners in various industries to launch their online presence, and actively expand awareness of their business. As an IT consultant, he helps small businesses apply technology solutions to make the business more successful, efficient and visible in the global marketplace.

Typical to most small business owners, Yancoskie takes on a variety of different roles in running the business. His days are vigorously spent promoting, networking, researching, building websites, educating and being educated, supporting clients, delegating design work, coordinating, catching up on accounting and writing fresh website and blog content. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, an eye for design and a passion for helping small businesses, each new day revives his quest to make a difference.


vincentyancoskie Not Spending Money On Your Tech Department Can Cost Your Business In The Long Run

Vincent Yancoskie
(Photo courtesy of Vincent Yancoskie)


What are the top five things small businesses can do to be successful in terms of technology?

  1. Update your website. Nowadays, most people won’t even go to a restaurant or an auto repair shop without ‘Yelping’ it first. If you’re not sure what that means, you probably need a new website. Your website is one of the first impressions you make on this generation of consumers. It’s time to eliminate the gifs, erase the Comic Sans font and modernize your site. The value you receive in return is invaluable.

  2. Start using the cloud. The cloud is the future and the place everything is headed to. You may not fully understand it, but it is there, and it is going to be where you store everything related to your business. Please don’t be that business that scribbles everything on scraps of paper. It is simply not scalable.

  3. Get reliable wi-fi. Not only will you need a trusty wireless connection to run a hefty part of your business, but you’ll have plenty of contented customers when they realize you have a hotspot just for them. We’re living in a time when people pretty much expect it.

  4. Use a professional email address. Let’s be honest. When people want to get in touch with your business, sending their valued message to a Hotmail or Gmail address feels just plain tacky. You can get a professional email address that includes your website domain for $5 a month []. It’s worth it.

  5. Update your computer. I’m not talking about those annoying security updates you have to download all the time. Technology moves so quickly that your computer will be completely outdated in three to four years. Buying the cheapest model and expecting it to last ten years is simply unrealistic. You will increase your long-term productive capacity and efficiency by forking over the extra cash to purchase some decent machines.


This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse


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