Monique Honaman is the CEO and a partner of ISHR, a human resources company. Honaman offers advice to small businesses looking to keep good employees and top talent within their company.

monique honaman3 Ensure You Are Getting The Best Out Of Your Employees By Knowing The Head & Heart Of Your Team

Monique Honaman
(Photo courtesy of Monique Honaman)

How can I ensure that I am getting the best out of each of my employees?
The answer to your question lies in building both engagement and alignment with your team members. Think of alignment as the ‘head’ — do they understand the direction in which you are heading and do they have the skills to get there? Think of engagement as the ‘heart’ — are they passionate and energized around what they are doing and the purpose of the organization? If alignment is missing, you have employees who may have tremendous energy, but it is misdirected. If engagement is missing, you have employees who are doing exactly what they need to do, but no more.  Think about where you would rank each of your employees on the head-heart continuum and see what you can do to move them higher.

I recently had two of my best employees quit. How can I get my top talent to stay?
It’s always a disappointment when we lose good talent. Sometimes it is inevitable, but other times a few proactive efforts on the front end can make all the difference. Have you thought about conducting stay interviews where you talk with your top talent and ask what kinds of things make them stay with the company?  You typically won’t hear things like money and vacation time, but rather things like having a voice, having a passion for the organization, feeling like a valued part of the team, feeling respected and being appreciated. You can bet if you spread that stay criteria across the organization you might not lose other top talents.

This article was written by Robin D. Everson for Small Business Pulse


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