With a recent update to its hugely popular mobile app, online-based transport industry leader Uber has made its service a lot easier to use. To expedite the pickup process, the app will now suggest nearby locations users can go to that will make them more visible and accessible to drivers. Here are three reasons why the Uber app is so popular, and what small business owners can learn from its success.

Ease of access
As this Entrepreneur piece points out, the change Uber made to its app will allow customers to more easily utilize its service. Any small business that has a branded mobile application or is considering developing one should take note of how cleverly the on-demand taxi service updated its app. By cutting down on the time it takes a driver to find a passenger, the company has subtly made a play to increase customer loyalty. Now, when a consumer decides to ride-source their commute, they might choose Uber over a rival because its service is more efficient. Regardless of industry, your company’s app needs to make it as easy as possible for consumers to access your business’s products or services. For example, if you run a sandwich shop, your company’s app should allow customers to place lunch orders before they arrive.

Real-time customer feedback
Another feature of Uber’s app that has helped make the company successful is its rating system. If a passenger has a bad experience with a driver or a driver has a bad experience with a passenger, they can make Uber aware of that information immediately through using the app’s rating feature. This near instantaneous feedback allows the company to weed out problematic drivers and passengers. If you own a pizza parlor, the company’s branded app should allow customers to give feedback on every item they order. The information can be used to both streamline your menu and address any staff training issues with remarkable speed.

Diversify your brand
On October 14, Uber launched its UberRUSH service in San Francisco, Chicago and New York. Whereas Uber offers passengers the ability to be transported from place to place, UberRUSH allows small businesses to make same day delivery of their products to local customers. This Forbes piece points out how the UberRUSH service signals the company’s entrance into the on-demand food delivery market. If you own a coffee shop, your app should let customers order drink orders before they arrive as well as offering a catering menu to local businesses. The more services your company offers, the more revenue streams it’ll be able to tap into.

This article was written by Mario McKellop for Small Business Pulse


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