Phil Brandt is president and CEO of AAIM Employers’ Association, a human resources firm. Brandt operates a small business of approximately 25 employees who help businesses of all sizes by providing human resources services including research, recruiting, technical guidance, training courses and pre-employment screenings.

phil brandt2 AAIM Knows How To Find Companies The Right Employees

Phil Brandt
(Photo courtesy of Phil Brandt)


“We bring best practice solutions to a small business. We help business owners to recognize that the employment process is different than it was 20 years ago. You rarely see a sign in a store window that says ‘Help Wanted.’ Most job searches start on your phone or other hand-held devices. We help our clients understand where and how to market their position so that it brings in the types of potential employees to the client,” said Brandt.

Brandt also said that “even if people go door-to-door looking for employment, they are routinely directed to the company’s website to apply for the job.”

AAIM helps their clients learn how to leverage technology so that they can compete with large companies to attract top talent.

“If you don’t put your line in the water, you can’t catch a fish. We help small companies put their line in the water so they can catch a fish,” said Brandt. “We offer applicant-tracking tools that allow them to post in multiple channels. By a click of a button, they can decide where to post their advertisement. Also, assessment reports can be provided to help find out how well a person works under certain conditions. Through designing an interview process, we identify what the key success factors of the job and of the culture of the company. We bring those two elements together. We also do a thorough background check on potential candidates to ensure that our clients are getting the best person for the job.”

Brandt offers these practical tips to help small businesses find their future employees:

  •       Know your target employee.

  •       Know what form of media to intersect that target employee.

  •       Intersect them with their mobile device.

  •       Deploy a system, a career site, that directs that target employee
          to your company job site.

  •       Screen, interview and validate the candidate.


This article was written by Robin D. Everson for Small Business Pulse


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