Christopher Corso is the owner and founder of Corso Law Group. “We provide advice to small businesses on how to avoid what may seem like minor mistakes, but are actually criminal offenses. From various types of fraud to criminal employee behavior, our firm can provide optimal defense and guidance for those dealing with challenging legal situations,” says Corso.


christopher corso Defense Attorney Gives Tips For Small Businesses To Protect Themselves

Christopher Corso
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How can small businesses protect their data from cyber crimes and hackers?
Any business, large or small, must take the extra steps to protect company data and client information, especially if the business accepts money or works with confidential materials. Small businesses can protect themselves from this type of crime by implementing additional online security precautions such as ensuring that emails are secure, and insisting on secure passwords among all employees. Additionally, create a contract for your business and its employees stating that they know the information and passwords are private and can’t be shared. From the prosecutorial side, law enforcement will want to determine how involved the owner was in protecting this information. If they have security contracts signed by the entire office, a password protection system and secured emails, that shows effort on the owner’s part to protect their clients and their business.

When hiring employees, how can small business owners protect themselves and their businesses from any illegal action that an employee might commit while working for them?
There are several preventative measures a small business can take in order to protect themselves from the actions of their employees. I cannot stress enough the importance of background checks, but the one situation that becomes challenging is when an employee is in legal or criminal trouble while still employed by a small business. If the owner is aware of this criminal activity and doesn’t take any steps to protect the other employees, the owner could face negligence or criminal negligence depending on the situation. This is when a small business would benefit infinitely from the help of a criminal lawyer early for guidance.

Owners of small businesses are often spread thin and sometimes aren’t able to manage every situation. How can they protect themselves more efficiently from fraud?
Small businesses do not possess power in numbers as larger companies do. Big businesses inherently have more internal checkpoints and processes to go through to ensure that credit card information, checks and online payments are handled properly, whereas a small business may only have one or two people working on these items. That is why it is crucial to implement consistent quality control reports, internal check systems, proper training and management, written process and regulation guides and more to ensure accountability among employees to avoid fraud.

This article was written by Robin D. Everson for Small Business Pulse


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