Modern Graffiti is a lifestyle marketing agency created from a vested interest in consumer experiences, professional training in marketing and psychology. Modern Graffiti provides marketing services designed especially for arts and media, food and beverage, fashion and retail, health and wellness, consumer solutions and nonprofit organizations. Their diverse team of marketing professionals brings years of experience in various industries to their clients, helping them reach their marketing goals. Modern Graffiti offers services such as social media management, branding, direct marketing and public relations. President and Lead Strategist Shemiah Williams offers her insight into marketing on a budget.


shemiah headshot2 How To Use Social Media To Market Your Company On A Budget

Shemiah Williams
(Photo courtesy of Shemiah Williams)

Should I use social media to promote my business? People have suggested it to me, but I do not know if it will provide value.
Social media is a prominent, lower cost marketing resource. However, consider the audience. When you think about the customer who you will buy your product, use it and love it, are they an avid social media user? If the answer is yes, then yes, using social media could be a valuable tactic for you. If the answer is no, take it a step further and think about what that ideal customer is doing. Are they reading the newspaper every day? Are they attending events consistently? Go where the customers are, and take your marketing with you. With that being said, it is important to have at least a digital footprint online. While social media accounts should not lie dormant, having them can contribute to your online footprint when people search for you. Aim to post two times per week as a way of getting some activity.

How much should I invest in my marketing?
Consider your needs first and determine budget second. Trying to retrofit your marketing strategy to your budget can prove to be ineffective. If you have a limited budget and let the dollars lead, you may not get the services or outcomes you need. You should have a sense of how much you can afford, but have a transparent conversation with the firms you are also considering. Tell them your budget range and what you hope to accomplish. You need to define the outcomes. There’s no need to haggle, but determining budget should be a two-way conversation. You and the firm need to be transparent so that you do not think your money is wasted, and they do not think their professional efforts are being too constrained or being taken advantage.

How should marketing be used with sales?
Sales and marketing are two different functions that are both needed. They should work together. It cannot be one or the other. A sales strategy is designed to help you sell your product or service and get dollars in the door. Marketing can influence or support sales by providing resources or increasing awareness of your business, based on the sales you’ve gleaned. Marketing tells the story that sales builds.

This article was written by Robin D. Everson for Small Business Pulse


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