Tim McEnery, 38, is founder and CEO of Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant. His entrepreneurial spirit has led him to the top of a self-made winery, restaurant and retail operation. Blazing the trail in a highly competitive industry, McEnery has taken the well-researched and calculated path of creating a concept of tomorrow for guests to enjoy today.

Cooper’s Hawk redefines the modern casual dining experience and is an unparalleled combination of restaurant, winery, Napa-style tasting room and artisan retail market. The original concept partners with some of the best grape growers in the world to craft the award-winning Cooper’s Hawk wine collection. Additionally, Cooper’s Hawk boasts one of the country’s largest Wine Clubs, a life-style driven monthly affiliation offering exclusive wines, events and privileges.

McEnery shares his insights and expertise with small business owners. He offers five tips for business success.


timmcenery2 5 Ways To Dazzle Your Way To The Top From Winery & Restaurant CEO

Tim McEnery
(Photo courtesy of Tim McEnery)



Be authentic

Treat business as you would your personal life. Empathy and decency, as well as a positive attitude and strong values should not be exclusive to after hours. Customers and employees will appreciate your authenticity and reward it with their loyalty.


Take care of your internal customers first — your employees!

Employees are the key to your success and can be your brand’s biggest advocates. Treat them well and you will succeed right along with them. Employees that feel part of the team will stay longer and be more productive, reducing wasted hours and time spent acquiring and onboarding new team members.


Don’t lose touch with your customers

Customers can make or break a business and should always receive white-glove service, whether that’s through early access to new products, member-only events or other rewards for their patronage. It’s our mission at Cooper’s Hawk to offer great benefits for our wine club members and keep them updated on new wines, special events and birthday offers. Doing so provides them value for being a loyal customer.


Determine your deal-breakers

Similar to how your personal values, like kindness not politics, should carry over to your business world, entrepreneurs should determine a list of deal-breakers that they will never compromise on. This list can be, and should be for that matter, different for everyone, but can include things like rock-bottom prices for a product or service, or alternatively the highest price willing to charge companies you’re unwilling to align yours with, service quality, etc.


Surround yourself with people who are smarter and different than you

Like a social group, a strong and diverse network can be more reliable, informative and inspiring. While hiring smarter is certainly one way to do so, creating a culture where ideas are openly exchanged is another. If your internal network is lacking, consider attending industry conferences, joining LinkedIn groups or finding in-person meetups like those arranged on Meetup.

This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau of Examiner.com for CBS Small Business Pulse.


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