Mark Marsh is Vice President of North American Sales at Fidelis Corporation. As Vice President of North America Sales, Marsh is responsible for driving technology sales in the areas of IT Security, Big Data and other technologies for the Chicago-based U.S. veteran owned company. Technology sales, as a profession, is always evolving as technology evolves to help solve business problems.

Marsh’s role involves n ew business development and growing the company’s current customer base. A major factor in his success in technology sales is education. Marsh earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electronic data processing and international marketing from Southern Illinois University.

Marsh has a high degree of knowledge in technology, business and sales, and shares his response based on the question posed to him.


markmarsh2 VP Offers 5 Ways Technology Can Be Cost Effective

Mark Marsh
(Photo courtesy of Mark Marsh)


What are the top five things small business can do to be successful in the marketplace in terms of technology?


  1. Leverage inexpensive online Software as a Service [SaaS] tools to help guide you in the writing of a simple business plan. can be a tremendous aide in this process.

  2. You can also identify and research your business’s target market online with SaaS tools. I recommend visiting forEntrepreneurs as a starting point for market research and ideas on best practices.

  3. Create a simple but effective low cost website. Your site should have search engine optimization, domain registration and email setup. can deliver this for you.

  4. Online marketing leveraging SaaS is great for the small business owner. No need to be an expert. Use cost effective online marketing services to build your most important digital footprint. is the best of breed in this area.

  5. Social media is the most efficient and cost effective way to connect with your future customers. To be successful, you must have a social media presence such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or many other options. To help you determine which Social media sites are best for your company visit It contains valuable statistics that will help you decide which site is best for your company.


This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau of for CBS Small Business Pulse.


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