Joe Nicassio is a mentor for startup business owners and the marketing systems architect at Joe Nicassio Business Consulting. Nicassio is the author of the book, “Resurrecting America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit: A Practical Approach For Creating Jobs,” and his primary program is the “Employee Escape Plan.” This program is designed to help start-up business owners create one set of systems so they can go “from zero to cash flow” in 90 days, or less.

Nicassio shares his five tips for sales success that will help small business owners differentiate in the marketplace.


joenicassio2 Startup Business Mentor Shares 5 Sales Tips To Keep You Connected To Your Customers

Joe Nicassio
(Photo courtesy of Joe Nicassio)


1) Demonstrate you understand your prospect’s problem so well, they will naturally conclude you have the solution. Everyone has problems, but they feel like ‘no one understands me.’ When you can describe their frustrations, fears, desires and aspirations better than they can, you will connect with them at an emotional level.

2) Package your message ‘Tiffany Style’, not ‘Brown Paper Bag’ style. Nobody today wants to listen to a sales pitch, or an advertisement, but everybody loves good storytelling. In marketing, you are very attractive if you are telling a fascinating story, and your offering makes sense. If your message sounds like a hyped sales pitch, you are about as attractive as a garbage dumpster. Improve your storytelling, and you’ll improve your results.
3) Take your prospect on an emotional journey. Most people are apathetic, or operating on a low emotional charge. Help them imagine the future of your offering, the outcomes and results they will have, and good feelings of ownership. Then compare that with the gap of not having those outcomes. This gap creates an emotion tension, or desire to own.
4) Decision is more important than desire. Now that the emotions are charged, invite your prospect to make a decision. There is a distinction between wanting it and not going for it versus wanting it and going for it.  Ask them, ‘Are you ready to go for it?’ Often times, this point of decision makes the sale happen.
5) Find out what is holding them back. Selling is like a propulsion system. We usually address why they should act, yet they still don’t act. If they still aren’t going for it, address the issue by asking, ‘What is holding you back?’ Once that is addressed, they end up buying.

Bonus Tip: 6) Feel comfortable with your higher fees. There is a cost to doing business with you, but there is also a cost of not doing business with you. Help the prospect understand how expensive it is to not do business with you. Ultimately, we are in the business of improving the lives and conditions of others. Remaining stuck in your old ways can be very expensive!

This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau of for CBS Small Business Pulse.


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