Monique A. Honaman is the CEO and a partner at ISHR Group. The human resources company helps clients better understand the strengths and development needs of their leadership teams and helps them leverage that learning into operating as a more successful, effective and productive organization.


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Stacy Sollenberger, Monique Honaman and Ellen Dotts
(Photo courtesy of ISHR Group)



Why hire a human resources firm that specializes in leadership assessment, development and coaching?

The value of hiring a third party to come in and assess the leaders in an organization, provide them with personalized feedback and then work with these same leaders via a coaching relationship provides incredible results. It provides a customized look at each leader, and an aggregate of a leadership team if multiple leaders are assessed, that is like no other experience.

The benefits are two-fold, helping both the overall organization and the individual leaders. From the perspective of the organization, this coaching process is valuable in that it:

  • Provides a comprehensive overview. Organizations receive a comprehensive overview of the strengths and development needs of each member of the leadership team.

  • Establishes a capability assessment. Organizations gain a clear understanding of the individual capabilities present (and missing) on the leadership team and how those individuals work together.

  • Clarifies team effectiveness. The operating team has a tangible and valuable diagnostic of both the individual and the overall team capabilities that they can leverage moving forward in growth and investment.

  • Emphasizes people development. The output provides a valuable investment in people development and frequently serves as the first such formal development experience leaders have had.

  • Sets up the framework for an overall HR Talent Review Process. The data serves as the framework needed for developing a formal human resources process to assist the leadership team with succession planning, talent management and leadership development.


From the perspective of the individual leaders who are being coached, this process is valuable as it leads to:

  • Faster ramp up. Leaders who know what will be working for and against them in an organization are better prepared to deal with any obstacles to success.

  • Energized employees. Leaders are energized by the clear and focused feedback they receive.

  • Improved retention and morale. Leaders view the assessment and coaching as a reward and realize the company is investing in their development resulting in improved job performance.

  • Faster rebounding. By having a solid understanding of the collective strengths and development needs of a team, targeted feedback and training can be more efficiently and effectively implemented.


This article was written by Robin D. Everson of for CBS Small Business Pulse.


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