Evolve Digital Labs President and Founder, Derek Mabie, said, “Often our clients come to us with a problem. Our goal is to identify the truth through research and data. We then provide a solution that offers opportunities for growth.”

Mabie said his team is dedicated and will open the whole world of digital marketing to clients. Mabie explained, “After a thorough audit, we will provide market intelligence, a strategic framework and the foundation for growth. We direct your paid search campaigns, on-site improvements and organic tactics bringing operations to the next level.”


derek mabie2 Entrepreneur Does His Research To Create A Marketing Plan For Clients

Derek Mabie
(Photo courtesy of Derek Mabie)


Mabie shares his expert advice when it comes to looking for a marketing firm.


  • Seek an organization that is providing clear solutions, not further complications for your business or bottom line.

  • The client and firm relationship must be solid. Marketing agencies must be attentive to the needs of the client. Clients also should not feel they are a burden at any time. Digital marketing is multi-faceted, so getting clear answers is vital to building a strong working relationship.

  • Understand the costs. Make sure the team you choose has a very clear understanding of your budget. Get a detailed explanation of the organization’s pricing approach as it relates to fees, designated rate cards and billing.

  • Get contract information and the scope of work out of the way upfront. The more details that are present, the better. Make sure the contract also specifies the vendor’s policies regarding ownership of code, materials/intellectual property or additional requirements.

  • Do your research. If a firm claims to be the best at social media or video production, PR or digital marketing, make sure they actually are. Speak with their current clients. Request case studies. Delve deep into Google. Get backgrounds or CV information on the team assigned to your account. Be an informed consumer.


This article was written by Robin D. Everson of Examiner.com for CBS Small Business Pulse.


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