Moe Glenner is President & CLO of MGE, LLC. Glenner directs the strategy, implementation and execution for all speaking, writing and consulting efforts. He is also the primary speaker, facilitator and consultant. Glenner has 25 plus years of logistics/supply chain experience, most in senior management roles. He is also a corporate pilot who integrates aviation themes throughout his speaking, writing and consulting work.

Glenner has held a number of senior management and consulting positions for multi-national, multi-billion dollar companies as well as mid-level and entrepreneurial ventures. Moe continues to direct and change management and corporate cultural functions through his original initiatives. These initiatives have resulted in many millions of dollars in cost reductions, developing and building of profit centers and the beginning of corporate innovative workshops.

Glenner shares his expertise and insights on running a small business. He speaks specifically on the challenges in small business and results of trying to increase sales by standing out in a highly competitive marketplace.


moeglenner2 Business Consultant Helps Small Businesses With Strategy

Moe Glenner
(Photo courtesy of Moe Glenner)



What have you found to be the biggest challenge in terms of trying to increase sales?

My biggest challenge is differentiation. There are many speakers and writers in the leadership genre. ‘What makes me different?’ and ‘Why should companies engage with me?’ are critical questions that must be answered successfully.


How do you stand out in the marketplace in such a highly competitive field?

While the challenge will always be present, I’ve found that both my aviation and supply chain experience allow me to share unique and different insights into many leadership problems. In essence, by marrying my personal passions with my business goals, I am able to both stand out and make a difference. I’ve been able to accomplish this through my ‘Be the Pilot in Command/Leadership Takeoff’ series of talks and workshops.


What have the results been by marrying your personal passions with your business goals?

Once refined, a continuing process, I’ve generated significantly more interest, leading to a significant increase in profitable engagements. In our crowded world, with an overflow of messaging, different and actionable messaging will stand out and lead to both more interest and more business.

This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau of for CBS Small Business Pulse.


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