Rollis Fontenot III is the president of Ascend HR Corp, a human resources services and talent acquisition firm. Fontenot offers tips on how to get more candidates, negotiate placement fees and reduce turnover rate.


rollis fontenot Expert Advice On Recruiting, Negotiating Fees & Keeping Good Employees

Rollis Fontenot III
(Photo courtesy of Rollis Fontenot III)



How can we get more people to apply for our available positions?

Make sure you are posting the job where qualified applicants will see it. There are so many options available today, and not everyone uses the same job board or website to find open positions. Maintaining a presence on the appropriate job boards will increase the number of applications received. Another avenue to consider is sending new openings you have through social media and trade associations. These are great places to start the conversation and engage potential team members. Moreover, remember always to respond to inquiries promptly to keep them engaged.


Can you negotiate the placement fees with recruiting agencies?

In most cases, you can negotiate the placement fees when working with a recruiting agency, especially if the position has a good chance of being filled in a short amount of time.


Why are contingency agreements so popular when working with a recruiting firm?

They have been standard practice for so many years, and companies are familiar with them. It can be difficult to create change in a process, and with zero investment in the beginning, many clients find this to be comfortable. Often it is not until they are further along the recruitment process that companies begin to feel that contingency agreements are not the best solution for them. This is especially true if you have an established HR department or personnel that can process the bulk of the hiring process in-house. Most businesses are most in need of locating qualified applicants. Once they have them, they can often handle the rest of the process, including salary negotiations, processing paperwork, etc. When you have a one size fits all recruitment package, your hands are tied preventing you from a discounted rate if you only want to use limited resources. This is why a recruitment process enhancement can be a better option for many companies where you only pay for services you use.


How can we reduce our turnover rate?

Writing clear and concise job descriptions is key to reducing turnover rate.  If you explain a position one way, but the actual day-to-day duties are different, then employees may not be happy performing those duties and will look for another position. Always keep an open line of communication with your staff, especially newly hired employees, to gauge their level of satisfaction, so you have the opportunity to make changes when possible.

This article was written by Robin D. Everson of for CBS Small Business Pulse.


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