In today’s volatile market, small business owners need every advantage they can get. Apple, the world leader in mobile technology, released their groundbreaking wearable Apple Watch in 2015 to widespread acclaim and massive sales. In addition to being a cool toy for tech heads, the Apple Watch’s many enterprise-class apps allow burgeoning entrepreneurs a competitive edge.



If you’ve ever wanted to be James Bond, the Clear app gives you the chance to live out your secret agent fantasies. The program lets you to set reminders and compose to-do lists via voice recognition. If you’re in a meeting and you have one of those fleeting moments of inspirations, or if you’re looking over your inventory and you realize that you’re running low on a briskly moving item, Clear records that information discretely and quickly.



There are times when being able to understand and react to a situation quickly can make all the difference in the world. Slack, which according to this QuickBooks post is used by Buzzfeed and Adobe, allows lightning fast group and individual communication through text and audio. Slack allows you to contact, organize and deploy your team in the time it takes your competitors to dig their phones out of their pockets.


PaybyPhone Parking

As this Entrepreneur article points out, navigating the parking situation in a city you’re not familiar with can be a hassle. Thankfully, the PaybyPhone Parking app makes that process a little easier. The program will not only help you find a place to park in certain parts of the country, it gives you the option to make a payment quickly so you won’t have to dig around your seats looking for change or a few spare bills.



Although the Apple Watch has many amazing features, by its very nature, it doesn’t have a large screen. As such, it’s not easy to read an email the length of a short novella on it. The TL;DR, which stands for “too long; didn’t read” for those not up on the nuances of internet nomenclature, app will break a verbose email up into brief, Twitter update-sized chunks. It also has a few quick reply options so you can communicate your thoughts with maximum efficiency.



Invoice2go is a great app for small business owners because it allows you to create a professionally formatted and branded invoice in as little as three minutes. With the Apple Watch, you can use the app to easily and accurately track how much time you spent working for a client. Once you’re done, you can prepare and send off an invoice with the time it takes to mix a drink.



When you’re running a small business, having easy access to up to the minute information is critical. Salesforce can tell you where your sales are, how quickly your staff is processing transactions and it lets you reply to customer inquiries in real time. Effectively, the Salesforce offers you two-step authenticated enterprise at a flick of your wrist.

This article was written by Mario McKellop of for CBS Small Business Pulse.


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