Success in marketing can be challenging because the competition is fierce, however e-marketing can open the door to that success. E-marketing is a must have in the world we live in. Most individuals are entrenched in technology, and getting information out is often best served through technology. E-marketing is at the forefront of delivering and sharing information. Small businesses needs to jump on board to stay ahead of the game in marketing their brand. The following five e-marketing tips can open the door to small business success.


Social media

Social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are a great way for small business owners to get their information or product visible to customers or prospective customers. Social media accounts can be integrated into marketing campaigns, using techniques such as weekly email blasts. This is a good way for customers to get to know the small business on a more personal level, which can help with business growth.


Lower cost

E-marketing tends to be at a lower cost as compared to traditional marketing campaigns, such as newspaper ads. E-marketing also typically reaches a more expanded range of prospective customers than traditional marketing. Most small businesses are on a tight budget, so maximizing marketing costs by focusing on e-marketing makes business sense.


Never close

One of the many benefits of e-marketing is that it allows small business owners to be open around the clock, and never closed. E-marketing allows customers to receive information and make transactions no matter what time of the day or night it is. When a small business is able to expand their business on a global level, the possibilities for business growth are expanded immensely.


Data driven

Business success is driven by meaningful data. E-marketing allows data to be collected in many different ways and means. Data can help target specific customers wants and needs, and geographic information as well, such as the areas of the world where the most visitors come from. E-marketing allows data to be collected specifically to what best meets the needs of the small business owner.


Document and track

E-marketing allows marketing techniques to be documented and tracked so that the small business owner can decide which marketing campaigns are most prosperous in terms of cost and effectiveness.


This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau of for CBS Small Business Pulse.


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