Apps are an important element to small business success, bringing convenience and safety that are unparalleled. Consumers are using apps on a daily basis, and for the small business owner who wants to draw in more customers, the app is essential. It is possible to build an app with no experience and following directions from online resources, but for a professional and highly functional app, hiring an app developer is the best option.

The best apps are the ones which are used the most, so when developing an app that customers will like, it is important for the small business owner to keep the following five tips in mind.


Design for all customers in mind

There will be a variety of customers using your business app along with a variety of app experience levels. The app interface should provide maximum productivity for the experienced user and be simple enough for the new app user. Catering to all experience levels of app users is essential for the app to offer maximum results.


Effective button placement

Buttons are typically most effective when placed at the bottom of the phone screen. The most frequently used buttons are best placed at the bottom right hand corner of the phone screen. Button placement is important as ease of use is essential for customers to come back to your app for repeated business.


Button size

Button size may seem like an obvious element, but it is so important, it also needs to be mentioned. If buttons are too small or too big and not easy to use, customers will not want to return to the app. The most important point to remember is to view the app through the eyes of the customer and make the app as efficient and effective as possible.


Keep it simple

App interfaces that are complicated or have too many components are not efficient and will repel customers. A simple and effective app is the best bet for the small business owner.


Test the app

Be sure to use a test group to try out the app. Everyone uses apps differently, so getting a variety of users to test out your small business app is critical to its success. Feedback from the test group can help to refine and improve the app so it is the best it can be for customer use.

This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau of for CBS Small Business Pulse.


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