By Caroline Myss

This article originally appeared in Tips on Life & Love from Simon & Schuster.

I am a medical intuitive, and through this work, I have come to understand many features about the nature of intuition. First of all, being intuitive is not a gift. You are born already wired with gut instincts ready to kick into gear as you grow from infancy into youth. These abilities are basic to our survival instincts/intuition.

We are no longer five sensory beings. We have crossed the energy Rubicon and not only are we living in the age of Energy–we live, drink, perceive, communicate, and create continually within the realm of energy. Our intuition is our energetic language. It’s time we learn to speak that language fluently.

Your fight or flight instinct, for example, is not something you have to develop. It’s an instinct that is inherent to the animal design in human nature. The core battery of your intuition is your conscience, your gut knowing about what is right and wrong, what is a truth and what is a lie, what is honest and what is dishonest, what is an act of betrayal to another and to oneself. Your conscience is the center of your intuition, your “knowing of your Inner Self.” Violate your conscience and you will fall out of harmony with your intuition. Clear intuition comes from healthy self-esteem and self-respect. It’s as simple as that.

Suggestions for getting in touch with your intuition:

1. First thought=best thought. Intuitive hits are immediate. Feelings come second.

2. Your intuition will always direct you toward inner integrity. In every situation, ask yourself: What is my real agenda? What is motivating me?

3. Tell the truth. If you cannot “read” your own intuition, ask yourself, “What is the truth?”



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