David M. Kujawa is a partner and financial consultant at OnPath Financial, LLC, which helps clients refocus their wealth so they can more effectively focus on their family. Kujawa is a partner and advanced Financial Fitness Consultant within a team of value-based financial planners and wealth managers, serving families and business owners. His role is to assist clients build respected financial fitness strategies to pursue their families’ goals.

This is Kujawa’s 10th year as a financial consultant. Earlier this year, he achieved the honorable Chartered Financial Consultant® designation and the highly regarded Certified Financial Planner™ certification. These achievements further enable Kujawa to provide his clients with advanced financial planning. Coupled with his experience, Kujawa is able to provide a high level of service, guidance and financial expertise.


david photo Financial Consultant Reveals How His Greatest Challenge Became His Customers Greatest Asset

David M. Kujawa
(Photo courtesy of David M. Kujawa)


What has been the biggest challenge you have had in your business?

My biggest challenge has been to not only provide great service and advice, but do it in a way that differentiates myself while supporting my family. I did not want to place a limit on who I served [i.e. minimum client size], but I wanted to maintain a business that delivered a high value, without giving away my unique financial planning capability. My desire was to build my business with integrity from the start leading to long-term relationships with my clients.


What have you implemented to overcome that challenge?

I created personalized Financial Fitness Programs, which are ‘fee for service.’ This provides for an unbiased approach to analyzing someone’s current situation and helps build a strategy to enhance or complement their families’ goals. Within the Financial Fitness design, there are one-time (basic or second opinion) and on-going annual programs which include periodic updates. The ongoing programs are key because financial planning should not be a snapshot deal. Just like your health, it is ongoing and needs to be maintained and checked regularly.


What are the results after you implemented your program?

There has been a great response. Many clients and prospective clients were appreciative of this approach because it allowed them a good opportunity to see my system and methods in action. Through our complimentary initial consultation, you get a glimpse of who we are and if there is a relationship fit. Then through the full Financial Fitness process we really get to know each other.

Also, for prospective clients who have assets, this approach provides a great way to truly get an unbiased 2nd opinion.

It has helped solve my challenge — being able to provide financial planning and guidance to clients who wanted to take the planning approach, but otherwise wouldn’t have been able to because of their stage or hesitation to change. It added another way to work with clients in a non-threatening and relationship-oriented manner, but also grow my business while honoring my values.

This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau via Examiner.com for CBS Small Business Pulse.



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