Starting and running a small business comes with a fair share of legal necessities from incorporating to filing trademarks. As a business owner, having legal expertise on hand is essential. While DIY legal software can help with the basics, there are times in which a comprehensive legal expert can come in handy. Many small business owners don’t see legal expertise as a necessary expense, but many large law firms see the benefit in investing in small businesses. If your business needs a legal specialist, you may benefit from taking your business to a larger firm.



Larger firms may have more resources

If you take your business to a larger firm, they will likely have a bigger staff, which means more resources. explains, “Typically though, [these firms] have grown so big because of their ability to devote the legal resources and expertise that are necessary to handle large and complex legal problems.” If your business is dealing with a large issue, such as taking legal action against someone who has violated copyright laws or defending itself in a lawsuit in general, having this legal expertise and personal attention can be a big asset. also advises that these well-known firms can also give more credibility to your company and its case.


Your business benefits their business

Many firms these days are seeing the growing potential and benefits of working with smaller businesses. In 2015, Charlsie Dewey of the Grand Rapids Business Journal profiled Varnum, a law firm that specifically works with small businesses. In her article, “Law firm sees growth in startups“, Dewey states, “Despite its lengthy history and size, Varnum still sees itself in the fledgling businesses that come knocking on its doors for legal help.” Many of these firms began as small businesses themselves so they strive to assist new business owners on the way up. Many law firms also realize that as a small business grows, so too will their business with the firm, which is beneficial to both parties.

While it may seem like a blow to the budget, working with a larger law firm can help your business by providing it with more resources and credibility in tricky legal situations. Your firm may also benefit the law firm by offering the potential to be a big account in the long run. If your business is looking for legal expertise, don’t discount a larger firm.


This article was written by Alaina Brandenburger of for CBS Small Business Pulse.


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