Like it or not, the face of public relations has drastically changed due to today’s increasingly digital world. Marketers of yesterday based a successful PR campaign on a strong press release, a few good images, and if you are lucky, an interview or review from a trusted publication. Now however, those trusted publications, print newspapers and magazines, are closing up shop left and right with people relying on a variety of websites and blogs to deliver their daily news and information. Because of these changes to the media landscape, it’s crucial that you also up to date on your PR practices for your small business or you’ll be left out of the digital world.


Tell a story, don’t sell a product


A traditional advertisement just doesn’t work like it used to. Commercials and print advertising are a thing of the past. Instead, today is all about content creation. Instead of posing a few attractive people around your product with a catchy slogan, try offering up content with behind-the-scenes information, insider interviews, tricks of the trade or other types of exclusive content that your followers won’t get anywhere else. Creating user-specific content that is full of properly targeted content will do a lot more to further your marketing reach.


Partner with bloggers


Instead of sending out your beautifully written press release and hoping for someone or somewhere to bite, try reaching out directly to some specific bloggers. First, of course, you’ll need to identify your niche audience, then find out which bloggers carry the most influence with that audience. Offer those bloggers a chance for them to create some strong content, which will already be well-targeted to your audience because you did your homework ahead of time. By reaching out to the right community, you’ll easily get your product or service in the hands of those who will want it most.


Traditional press


Traditional press isn’t totally gone, as there are still a large number of daily print newspapers and weekly or monthly magazines that are still considered trustworthy and reliable publications. Instead of just a press release, however, try offering your traditional press coverage something exclusive. An exclusive interview or some exclusive coverage will help get your product or service some great coverage. Try to target your media pitches to that media’s specific audience as well. If you’re pitching to a morning show, for example, it’s going to have a different audience than a business publication. Target your pitch, offer them something exclusive and you’ll find that traditional PR still has a lot of weight in the marketing world.


This article was written by Deborah Flomberg of for CBS Small Business Pulse.




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