If you’re running a sales team, then you already know the importance of regular training for your team members. Sales is a skill that needs to be constantly improved upon, and you can get very rusty if you’re not staying on top of trends, market research and sales tactics. This means you should be providing training to your team on a variety of topics, and you should be offering it on a consistent basis. It used to be as simple as an annual sales team retreat at a fancy hotel downtown, but now the field is more competitive than ever before, so your training solutions must keep your team on top of their game at all times.


Regular training


In order for your sales team to be consistent, you’ll need to offer consistent training. This means you’ll want to meet more than that annual sales retreat at your local hotel. Instead, try offering a daily sales topic and meeting or at least weekly and bi-weekly sales training sessions. The more consistent and regular your training is offered, the more your team will continue to improve their skills.


Make it interactive


There is nothing worse than just listening to a sales lecture for an hour a day. Instead, find ways to make your training sessions interactive. Include role-plays and other similar tactics that get your sales team up out of their seats and working together to learn more about the sales process. The more involved your team is with the trainer, the more successful they’ll be when it comes to actually hitting the sales floor.


Offer training often


In addition to having regular training on a daily, or at least weekly basis, you’ll also want to make training solutions available on demand for your team. There are a lot of cloud-based sales training solutions that you can purchase so your team can get training any time, in any place. When the phones get quiet, there should always be some new training topics and other things that your sales team can use to improve their skills between sales calls.


Measure your success


There is more to sales than ranking who has the highest closing rate, though of course, that’s still the end goal. You’ll want to find metrics to measure for your team that relate to the whole sales process, not just the bottom line. Lead conversion, steps within the sales process and other similar metrics can all work to help you understand where the holes are in your sales training, and you can use those measurements to give you an indicator of where your team needs more help. If you’re just looking at the closing rate, then you may be missing some important areas that your team may need addressed. Plus, you can use these tools to build some friendly competition between sales teams.


This article was written by Deborah Flomberg of Examiner.com for CBS Small Business Pulse.



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