Janet Markovits is the owner of The Pregnant New Yorker and Maternal Massage and More. She does everything from making the appointments, handling the appointments, managing the other therapists, billing, promoting, social media and referrals.

The business specializes in prenatal, postpartum, labor support, baby massage and fertility. They offer a unique service catering each treatment to the client’s needs. They also teach partners how to massage the mom-to-be during labor. It is a wonderful way to get the partner involved, alleviate discomfort and speed up the labor.

Pregnant women need good therapeutic work with deep pressure. The staff at Maternal Massage and More are certified in prenatal massage and know the physiology of the pregnant body and the changes it goes through each trimester.. The business also has an excellent resource and referral system, ranging from lactation consultants to childbirth classes to the baby registry.

Markovits got her start 18 years ago working with athletes, including the Northwestern Men’s Soccer Team, marathon runners, iron men, professional football players, tri-athletes and Olympic divers. When pregnant athletes started requesting deep, therapeutic massages, Markovits knew she found her calling — providing the best prenatal massage in New York City and Brooklyn.

Markovits is obviously very passionate about her business and says she loves working with pregnant women and new moms. “To be able to help women and alleviate their discomfort, help them sleep better and offer sound advice is a dream come true. And I love going to work everyday,” she enthuses.

Janet Markovits shares her insight and knowledge on what it takes to own a successful business.


janet markovitsv2 Owner Of The Pregnant New Yorker Shares Financial Tips For Success

Janet Markovits
(Photo courtesy of Janet Markovits)


Can you identify the top three ways you have grown your business?

We now have two locations. One in Soho and one in Park Slope. Social Media had been a wonderful outlet. I also started another company called The Pregnant New Yorker where I’ve been able to educate the community on everything pregnancy and it’s been a huge networking opportunity for meeting like-minded business owners. I bought my practice from a wonderful therapist who was retiring and revamped it. I needed cash ASAP and had no money. After going to a few banks and being declined, I got lucky and one bank offered me a small business loan for women.

In what ways have you created cash flow?

We had a fire in my old office, forcing us to start from scratch. All of our equipment needed to be replaced and the new office space we found had to first be gutted, which was quite expensive. I ended up opening a credit card with a 0 percent APR for 15 months and paid it off slowly every month. Now if I need cash, I either open a credit card with 0 percent APR or transfer it onto a credit card that offers 0 percent APR. You have to be careful to pay it on time every month and keep track of it.

Why did you decide to become incorporated?

My accountant almost demanded it. There are a number of tax breaks, the ability to write off expenses, liability protection. It also lends credibility to the company.

Advice you can give to small business owners in the finance area?

Account for every penny you spend and get a great accountant.


This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse



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