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Your business card is the first exposure most people have to your business, and you basically have two choices when it comes to your card: You can offer the same type of card that everyone else has, or you can spend the time to craft something unique that will stand out from the crowd and will really work in your favor. Of course, if you’ve never really thought about how to craft a great business card, the concept can be a little overwhelming. But with a little bit of help and the right services, you can end up with a card that stands out, drives business and truly works for you.




The why of the card

“Whether you have a million dollar marketing budget or a $50 marketing budget, the business card is the first piece that you can put your information, your brand and your business identity on to make sure that you can then give access to your potential customers, all your information,” explains Office Depot OfficeMax Senior Director of Merchandising and Marketing of Print Services, Wesley Brinkhurst. It may seem a little old-school, but business cards are still that effective. Think about how often you’re out and you run into someone that may be able to benefit from your products or services. You are still your own best marketing, so your business card will equip you with the tools needed to market yourself.



The same card

Probably the biggest criticism of business cards is that they all look the same. “First and foremost, one of the biggest problems are businesses that don’t make their business cards stand out,” explains Brinkhurst. “You can do that through paper options. So if you have standard paper, and you’re in a pile of 50 business cards, are you really going to stand out to the potential customer? So increase those paper options, make it a thicker paper, make it a plastic or rounded corners: something that makes it stand out from the rest.”



Forgetting information

Another huge problem arises when a business doesn’t list all the important information that a potential client will need on their card. “Make sure your email address is on there and your social media handles are on there, so if you are on social media, your customers know where to find you,” Brinkhurst continues. “If you have a website, make sure the URL is on there too.” It’s very easy to neglect some information, and it’s too common to find cards with just an address and phone number. Take your card into the modern age and make sure every possible method of communication is listed.



Ignoring the back

So many business owners forget that you have the entire backside of your business card to offer something for your customer. As Brinkhurst explains, “You can use business cards as an advertising tool and most businesses don’t think of that. You’ve got the whole backside of your business card, so do you want to give a message or have an offer or add something else to that card? You can make sure that the person you’re handing that business card to isn’t going to just put it in their pocket, but they’re going to take it out and use it again and again.”



It’s not just a card

Your business card is more than just a card, it’s a conversation starter. It’s important to remember that idea as you are out on the town, networking or meeting new potential customers and clients. “We offer a product called Cardfolio™. It binds 25 business cards in a pack, so every time you want to give someone a business card you simply detach it from the pack,” Brinkhurst offers. “It keeps them together, you always know how many cards you have on you and it fits in your pocket or purse. They are the business cards I carry and every time I pull one out it leads to a conversation.”



Don’t forget to grab attention

In the end, the most important thing about your card is that it grabs the attention of the person you’re handing it to. From raised lettering and thicker paper to rounded corners, new shapes, folded cards and even magnets, there are lots of ways to make a statement with your business card. If you need some help getting started, make sure to check out the Office Depot OfficeMax Business Card printing options, where you can find all the cards, templates and printing options needed to make a big statement with your new business card.



For more on tools to grow your small business, visit Office Depot OfficeMax.



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