Alison Sansone is the founder of Be There Bedtime Stories. The first ten years of Sansone’s career involved working at property and corporate level positions with name brand lodging like, Motel 6, Marriott, Hilton and Embassy Suites. In 2004, she found her true passion in marketing and video by starting her first company, qualiant media design. During the economic struggle of 2009, she ventured out on her own by launching a tech startup. Video bedtime stories were just too obvious to ignore, so she created Her experience with video production and her personal frustration of being so far away from her only two nieces, inspired the business model of connecting families miles apart through the simple activity of a bedtime story.

Be There Bedtime Stories records a webcam or iPad video of a storyteller and embeds the video onto the pages of a child’s ebook, so families far apart can be there for a storytelling experience from anywhere in the world. Storytelling ranked higher than television or video games among pastimes for kids, according to a study commissioned by Disney-Pixar. So Sansone figured, why not take advantage of today’s technology for families far apart.

Sansone shares insight on the reasons her small business has become so successful.

alisonsansonev2 Startup Founder Brings Tech To Bedtime Storytelling

Alison Sansone
(Photo courtesy of Alison Sansone)


What are the top five things you do to be successful in the marketplace?


Family-friendly digital media for kids

Our technology is mom-approved. Seriously, it was awarded a ‘Mom’s Choice Award’ because the digital media is actually a family member and not a cartoon character usually found in kids apps.

Multi-media storytelling keepsakes

Because it’s a recorded video, a bedtime story on our platform today may turn into a keepsake video that can be watched by future generations in a family. I have four recordings of my father on this platform before he passed away, and I love it that my nieces’ grandchildren will be able to know me through my story recordings too.

Way more entertaining literacy-building experience

According to ReadingRockets, researchers indicate that motivation is a top predictor of whether kids will engage with texts in meaningful ways, ergo, using video and an iPad for reading aloud.

Video trumps audio

While there are lots of audio storytelling platforms, we loved the idea of allowing the storytelling experience to include a hands-free storyteller for props, hand gestures and facial expressions.

Kids are never too old for bedtime stories

Our next strategy is to put kids in front of the camera and teach them how to turn reading into storytelling. We can generate the future storytellers of tomorrow’s business.



Michelle Guilbeau is a writer, reviewer, teacher and business owner. She also has experience in school administration, literacy coaching and is proud founder of and Michelle enjoys sharing her knowledge of cities, food, travel, education and parenting issues with her readers. Her work can be found on




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