Janet Markovits is the owner of Maternal Massage and More and she does everything from making the appointments, handling the appointments, managing the other therapists, billing, promoting, social media and referrals.

The business specializes in prenatal, postpartum, labor support, baby massage and fertility. They offer a unique service catering each treatment to the client’s needs. They also teach partners how to massage the mom-to-be during labor. It is a wonderful way to get the partner involved, alleviate discomfort and speed up the labor.

Pregnant women need good therapeutic work with deep pressure. The staff at Maternal Massage and More are certified in prenatal massage and know the physiology of the pregnant body. The business also has an excellent resource and referral system, ranging from lactation consultants to childbirth classes to the baby registry.

Markovits has been in the massage business for 18 years. She and her staff are well versed in many modalities, thus making the experience at Maternal Massage and More unique. In addition to prenatal massage, Markovits offers sports massage, medical-deep tissue, cellulite massage, maya abdominal massage, natural face-lift massage, lymphatic drainage and craniosacral.

Markovits is obviously very passionate about her business and says she loves working with pregnant women and new moms. She feels it is such a special time in her clients’ lives. Markovits has seen women through two or three pregnancies and has met their partners, the baby, and even mothers and sisters when they are in town. Markovits says she becomes part of the family. As she stated so eloquently, “To be able to help women and alleviate their discomfort, help them sleep better and offer sound advice is a dream come true. And I love going to work every day.”

Markovits shares her insight and knowledge on what it takes to own a successful business.

janet markovitsv2 Owner Of Maternal Massage Has The Dream Come True Job

Janet Markovits
(Photo courtesy of Janet Markovits)


What is your experience with leasing?
We sublet one of our treatment rooms for additional income. Make sure to put a lease into place clearly defining what’s expected. Have an exit clause in place, define when rent is due, and make sure that person is up to date on their own insurance and whatever licenses needed to practice. You should also like the person since you will be seeing them often.

How does insurance play a factor in your business?
We had a fire in my old office and I did not have insurance at the time. Big mistake! I lost a lot of belongings, but mainly time and an office. If I had insurance I would have been able to rebuild a lot quicker and even take a vacation in between without worrying. I now have very good insurance and think it is a must for every business. I have fire, liability and malpractice insurance, which I feel are all very important!

What is the best way to find legal resources that focus on small business for those small businesses who cannot afford their own legal counsel?
There are many websites that offer free legal advice. I would also ask a friend or family member for advice. I think everyone knows a lawyer through someone else, if not first hand.

From a legal perspective, what can small businesses do to protect themselves from competitive threats with similar products, services and offerings?
Offer the better service.

Advice you can give to small business owners in the legal area?
Do not go into business with anyone without having a contract, review contracts with a fine tooth comb, make sure to have a great attorney on hand and get insurance.


This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse


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