Small businesses may have fewer resources to attract and recruit employees, but it is still possible for them to compete with bigger, better-known companies for the best of the talent pool. With some research and a few outside resources, a small business owner can become more visible to prospective employees and recruit top talent. Business expert, author, owner and CEO of Strategic Communications, Linda Pophal, MA, SPHR, shares advice on how your business can compete with these firms for new talent.


lindsay pophalv3 Attract Top Candidates For Your Small Business

Linda Pophal
(Photo courtesy of Linda Pophal)


Target Your Search

Pophal understands that some small businesses have difficulty standing out in the job market. In certain respects however, they may actually have an advantage over their larger competitors. “Small business owners should take the time to thoroughly understand their potential audience and what’s important to them. For instance, in some fields, and marketing is a prime example, candidates may welcome the opportunity to learn about the wide range of marketing activities that they might engage in with a small firm, as opposed to working on a specific, siloed area in a larger organization.” Small businesses offer newer recruits an opportunity to take on tasks they might not otherwise get at a larger company, giving savvy small business owners an advantage they can use for their recruiting.


Utilize Staffing Agencies and Other Resources

Paying a staffing agency to help recruit may seem cost prohibitive to a small business, but it can be beneficial. “Working with agencies, like Manpower, can also be a good means of not only finding qualified staff members, but having an opportunity to ‘test them out’ before hiring as an employee of their organization,” Pophal observes. The costs necessary for using a staffing agency can actually save a business in the long run by finding highly skilled employees who could stay with the company long term.

Just because your company is not yet in the Fortune 500 doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good fit for amazing employees. By knowing what you provide to potential employees and hiring a company to seek out the ones who will be compatible with your firm, you can compete with the top companies and build a better business.



Alaina Brandenburger is a freelance writer living in Denver. Her work can be found at



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