SCENE Chicago is a national premier full-service news organization for a connected generation. SCENE is committed to delivering the highest level of service because they are passionate about the news. They specialize in the reporting and gathering of news through mass media such as television, radio, print, movies and the internet. SCENE Chicago provides numerous services to their clients which include, but are not limited to, advertising, marketing, media relations, media production, and publishing. Their portfolio showcases the ability to create unique opportunities for all of their clients’ needs.

SCENE reports the most up-to-date news and they are serving the needs of the community by evolving as a living, breathing, educating entity. It is their mission to connect with people and develop empowering relationships while providing a fresh perspective. The company has a strong presence in all of the major types of social media. SCENE has a presence in twenty major cities as well as offices in Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, Los Angeles and New York, with their home office in Chicago.

D. Joshua Banks is the founder and chief strategist of SCENE Chicago, along with president Shari DiOrio, as well as a team of writers, event organizers, and marketing/advertising professionals.



d How One Small Business Owner Focused Almost Exclusively On Customer Service To Grow His Business

D. Joshua Banks
(Photo courtesy of D. Joshua Banks)



What does your company do to be unique and creative?

“SCENE Chicago is an innovative company that continues to create unique and creative events year-round throughout the Chicagoland area. Each event provides a different experience for the people that attend.”



How does SCENE Chicago express strong core values?

“SCENE Chicago focuses on serving the needs of the community. We demonstrate our core values as a company through coordinating events that reach a large and diverse audience. SCENE Chicago has built strong relationships with city, state, and national organizations. We have affiliations with numerous corporate level sponsors and Fortune 500 companies and elected officials nationwide. We strive to be the most efficient way to stay current on trends and the latest news throughout the Chicagoland area and the nation.”



How does your company embrace culturally diversity?

“SCENE Chicago collaborates with a diverse group of people in the city and the surrounding suburbs of Chicago. We create events that bring people of all ethnicity together.”



Is philanthropy important to your company?

“Yes, extremely important! SCENE Chicago works to promote the wellness of others by donating both resources and funding for a broad spectrum of causes across the country. We are proud to support a variety of charities. Avanse, whose mission is to advance the lives of street kids in Latin America and the Caribbean. Women With Drive Foundation, which provides a car to women in transition. A Safe Haven Foundation, which empowers families and individuals experiencing homelessness or crisis to achieve sustainable self-sufficiency.”


This article was written by Michelle Guilbeau for Small Business Pulse.



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